Oil Rig Roughneck Job – Basic Information

Typically, when talking about oil rig jobs people divide them into three primary categories. One of them being the drill crew with oil rig roughneck being a job title within the said crew. There are usually five workers in a drill crew, who are all tasked with performing different jobs. The job of oil rig roughneck is considered as being an entry-level position but is still among the most important jobs on a rig. As you have probably presumed from the name, a roughneck’s job is pretty physically demanding andrequires a fair share of stamina as well as courage. Roughnecks are employed on an oil rig’s floor andin the mudroom with some of the equipment and machinery. They work together with the pump man and the derrick and are to report to the driller or his respective assistant. These are the above stated five jobs that form a drill crew.

The oil rig roughneck is essential for any crew that is to be labeled as being successful. This is why companies are always on the look-out for new people, eager to join the crews onshore as well as offshore. If you are looking for a new career that will provide you with job security, high earning potential, great benefits and half work-years, then the position of oil rig roughneck may be the most suitable choice for your needs. Given that the demand for oil demonstrates an increasing trend and companies are in search of new hotspots constantly the need for platform workers in general is going to also be increasing.

Interesting fact: There are 6 different types of oil rigs that currently operate worldwide, managing to collect oil every single second of the year. If you do the math you will find out that barrels are getting filled with oil every 31,556,926 seconds yearly.

Oil Rig Roughneck Responsibilities

Given the important role a roughneck plays in the crew, it is necessary for him to be dependable and capable of handling manners in conditions of highly stressful situations. If you are able to this, then you have the potential of earning quite the good living and in time advance on to higher positions.Oil Rig Roughnecks at work

Oil rig roughneck has to have high stamina in order to carry out his job properly. He will typically work 12-hour shifts known as ‘tower’ but on particular occasions he will have to comply with extended hours or work an entire day for completing a single project. A oil rig roughneck is to be proficient when performing integral tasks like adding new pipe-lengths as the drilling goes deeper and deeper, as well as maintaining and cleaning the drill equipment and working in the mudroom. The specified duties are essential when regarding the process of drilling oil and the start-up of new wells.

Roughneck Education and Compensation

In most cases a oil rig roughneck will start out as a roustabout (unskilled laborer) and if he is to properly conduct his job within a minimum of six months he might become a roughneck.
In order to become a roustabout, one is to have only a high school diploma, pass a physical exam and be dependable. A roustabout is tasked with maintenance procedures, cleaning the deck, assisting roughnecks, painting, etc.

Once having spent a couple of months getting to know the way of life on a rig, he can be given a higher-level, more responsible position. In some cases, however, advanced education or previous experience is going to give someone the opportunity of entering the platform as a oil rig roughneck.

A roughneck’s annual starting salary is usually about USD 60,000. It is just an average due to the fact that some may make more or less. Your salary will in most cases correlate with your experience – the higher the latter, the higher the former. Additionally, the roughnecks that are appointed to remote
rigs are going to be earning higher pay. Often there are bonuses and yearly salary increases if a given
worker is able to meet expectations and his performance is up to standards.

Job Benefits and Job Outlook

Although, oil rig roughnecks work quite hard, they are also provided with enough time to enjoy a large number of amenities on the platform. They have access to exercise rooms, game rooms, Internet, movies and some even get to enjoy saunas. While a roughneck is on board he receives all of his meals complements of his employer, which are in most cases prepared by an experienced, high-level cook. A roughneck will not even have to take care of his own laundry. A large number of people often compare being on a rig to being on a cruiser, with the slight exception that you get to work for 12 hours on a daily basis. Just imagine what you will be able to do if you have 4-6 months off every single year but still manage to earn a yearly income that is equivalent to 50 weeks of work.

Acquiring a job in the field of oil and gas will not only provide you with countless career advancement possibilities, but it is also going to give you life-long job security. The demand for natural resources grows by the day as our oil dependency does also. Expectations are for oil and gas demand to double over the course of the following decade, which will basically translate into the creation of more jobs.

Interesting fact: Due to some countries which were typically regarded as being part of the third world catching up in the aspects of technology, oil and gas demand has demonstrated a substantial increase. It is to continue growing, and the industry is going to need more and more skilled workers to be able to comply with it.

Oil rig roughneck is a dedicated and dependable worker who has an essential role in the doings of any oil rig, but there are a large number of jobs that come with the same or higher level of importance.

Oil Rig Roughneck Job Summary:

  • You can start working as a roustabout and be able to work as a roughneck within six months,
    thus earning a nicer salary
  • Get to enjoy a long list of benefits such as having large periods off from your work
  • Plenty of room for going up the ranks
  • Never having to worry about your job getting out-dated. Oil and gas companies are to
    continue growing for years to come, and new hotspots are discovered on a constant basis.
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