Gas and Oil Industry Suffers from Lack of Skilled Professionals: DNV GL's Research

Senior gas and oil rig companies in the industry have revealed in a report that a deficit for skilled gas and oil rig job workers is giong to be the biggest obstacle to the business growth this year.

Here is an extract of the "Chanlenging Climates" report released by DNV GL:
Decreasing number of gas and oil rig professionals has topped the offshore oil rig job leaders' list of professional concerns for a 2nd year. This trend is unprecedentedly increasing gas and oil rig job salaries in some areas. According to the report, daily rate, which respondents involved in the research of DNV are willing to pay around $1,000 to individual gas and offshore oil rig job workers in technical areas in the industry that have a particular expertise shortage.

The Climate Challanges report for the condition of gas and oil rig jobs industry of DNV GL is an annual litmus test for the gas and oil industry sentiment for 2014. The report is based on a survey of over 430 offshore gas and oil companies and in-dept made interviews of over 20 oil and gas companies' executives.

Challenging Climate report key findings:
  • The general view between gas and oil rig job professionals for 2014 looks confident: almost 88 per cent of the gas and oil rig professionals are seeing the industry outlook optimistically for 2014. About 47 per cent of respondents think that lack of skilled professionals will be to biggest barrier to gas and oil rig industry growth. It was also the biggest problem in 2013, as well.
  • In global aspect the hardest gas and oil vacancies according to the report will be project managers (about 38 per cent), most in demand in Asia Pacific (about 42 per cent) where are positioned many of the biggest projects in world. Offshore gas and oil engineers like technical, marine, piping or operation oil rig job engineers are also in demand (24 per cent) as well as risk and safety engineers (16 per cent). Shortages of skilled professionals in the gas and oil industry are most acute in North America (59 per cent) with increase of gas and shale oil production there are the changing of the projects.

"The gas and oil rig industry is moving into challenging environments that needs skilled professionals to secure solutions, but so far, there are lots of gas and oil rig companies in this industry that still suffer from shortage of skilled workers. By one side, this shortage is well come for gas and oil rig workers because this need is driving the salaries up. However, technology can't completely perform the functions of the human intervention and may go some way to plugging the gap," stated DNV GL's CEO, Elisabeth Torstad.

Entry level or Top positions on oil rig

Everyone has heard many good news about offshore oil rig jobs no experience. The oil rig job position is considered to be one, which is consistently safe and secure and pays really well, especially for oil rig job workers without any experience and top oil rig job vacancies. This means when you're offered an offshore oil rig job you must seriously consider one of them. Wait a minute, what's meant by one of them? Isn't 'job' a singular term in the drilling industry? Well, it is but there's certainly more than 1 sphere to offshore oil rig work as we are soon going to examine.

Indeed, it's quite a good thing that there's over 1 type of offshore oil rig job, which is available. Different people have different work skills (especially when it comes to oil rig experience) and this means they might be more inclined for a particular offshore oil rig job than others. Once again, drilling rig jobs come in many facets. Selecting the right one based on your previous oil rig experience is crucial for success. For those curious about the oil rig jobs available, here is a brief overview:

Types of Oil Rig Jobs in the Oil Rig Realm

Oil rig worker as Roustabouts: you have probably heard this oil rig job title used as a colloquialism now and then. In the world of the of offshore oil rig jobs, this refers to a basic entry level job. Sure, all you might end up doing is keeping the decks of the offshore oil rig clean but you are going to be gaining experience.

Oil Rig Welders: No doubt, this oil rig job position remains one of the most important of all the oil rig jobs. Thanks to the work of the welders, the oil rig might actually stay in one piece. This oil rig job does require a little specialized knowledge but the knowledge is properly compensated.

Oil rig Roughnecks: You may say the roughneck is the glue on the drilling rig, which holds the entire rigging job together. It is the roughneck that aids the driller in making sure the equipment is installed correctly and is completely operational.

Dereckmen on the drilling rig: When you are drilling for oil on the offshore oil rig, there is a lot of mud you have to contend with. Hopefully, there is going to be oil at the end of all that mud! In order to get at the oil, you are going to need the dereckmen to handle the mud pumps that clear out all that excess and unnecessary mud.

Driller on the offshore oil rig: Yes, we saved the main oil rig job for last. To get to oil, you will need to drill for it. This makes the oil rig job of the driller the most important on the drilling rig, which is essential. Yes, all the offshore oil rig jobs are important but in the final analysis, it is the driller that the whole process is built around.

Getting Your Foot in the Door as Oil Rig Worker

You might not land the oil rig job you want right off the bat and this is fine. We all have to start somewhere, despite we have or not have oil rig job experience. For those people who would love to venture into the realm of offshore oil rig jobs but lack experience, it's best to take whatever offshore oil rig job you are offered, gain valuable experience, and then progress from there. This could be the wisest course of action to take and one that is recommended on the offshore oil rig.

Searching for a well-paid offshore oil rig job no experience?

For those people, who are searching for an interesting and good job experience, you can not beat offshore oil rig jobs no experience. They secure you not only with excellent employment but also with the chance to see a different part of life most people never have the opportunity to try. Offshore oil rig jobs no experience also give you the chance to see the world.

What is actually involved in offshore oil rig jobs no experience?

You do not necessarily must be a big, strong man to work on an offshore oil rig no experience. There are lots of different offshore oil rig vacancies on the drilling rig platform, which require all different types of skills and abilities from the future offshore oil rig workers with no experience or the skilled one. While you could enjoy an offshore oil rig job no experience such as a Roughneck offshore oil rig worker or Roustabout on the drilling rig platform, there are also many distinct jobs available in less physically demanded positions such as a Cleaner/ Painter, Storekeeper, Cook or Medic offshore oil rig jobs no experience. Engineers on the drilling rigs, doctors and nurses are also needed on an drilling rig. It's a self-sufficient operation, so they need people to do all manner of jobs.

Offshore oil rig jobs no experience have numerous benefits, which you will not find in an ordinary job. A lot of offshore oil rig workers find the biggest benefit, is the chance to see a part of the world they have never seen before. The drilling rig industry has offshore oil rig jobs in such faraway places as Russia, China, Saudi Arabia, Nigeria, Australia and the UK. Furthermore, if you would like to work a little closer to home, offshore oil rig jobs are also stationed near Canada, Mexico and the United States.

Benefits of Offshore oil rig jobs no experience

Another benefit, and more attractive to people working on drilling rigs is that the pay for offshore oil rig jobs no experience are excellent compared to liquefied natural gas companies. Entry level offshore oil rig jobs ordinarily pay between 45,000 US dollars a year and 80,000 US dollars a year. Of course, the more specialized your oil rig position, the more you are going to earn. Supervisors and Drill Leaders earn between 80,000 US dollars a year and 100,000 US dollars a year. Professionals on the offshore oil rigs are paid as high as 200,000 plus US dollars a year.

Additionally, to excellent salaries, offshore oil rig jobs no experience are done on a rotating schedule of 14 to 21 days on the drilling rig and than a 14 to 21 days off. Offshore oil rig workers work 60% of the year and are off 40% of the year. On your off time, you are able travel and sightsee in a nearby city or country or even hold down a 2nd job if you need much money. Even though you work most of the time you are on the drilling rig platform, except to sleep and eat, the off time is entirely yours to do with what you like!

Why work on an Offshore oil rig platform?

Working on an offshore oil rig no experience is a great opportunity for young people who haven't yet settled down and are searching for an adventure (well-paid). The high wages are going to give you a chance to earn a good income but plenty to save for future endeavors. Working onboard an offshore oil rig is definitely going to help you develop many skills, which you are going to take with you throughout life. Your travels to the far reaches of the world are going to enrich your life in a way, which most ordinary jobs could never do.

If you are searching for a way to see the world and make a good money at the same time, offshore oil rig jobs no experience may just be the perfect chance for you to start. Whether you are a trained nurse, doctor, mechanic, engineer, hyperbaric welder, painter, or cook, there is an offshore oil rig job no experience for you on the drilling rig.

A challenge, good to be undertaken - Oil rig jobs with no experience

Offshore Oil Rig Jobs No Experience

Nowadays, the demand for oil still continues to increase rapidly and as a result the offshore oil rig jobs market is wide open. Offshore oil rig companies (drilling rigs) have their offshore oil rigs working day and night in order to find new offshore oil fields to meet the demand. Each offshore oil rig employs hundreds of drilling rig workers to keep it going day and night drilling and searching for oil. The offshore oil rig job market is expected to raise 30 per cent by 2013/2014. Here are presented some of the most popular drilling rig jobs with no experience or for skilled drilling rig workers:

Entry Level Oil Rig Jobs No Experience

An entry level drilling oil rig job is the easiest to find. These drilling rig jobs, while they may require certain skills, don't require previous oil rig experience. Entry level oil rig jobs no experience include Maintenance Roustabout oil rig worker, Roustabout oil rig worker, Welder oil rig worker, Medic oil rig worker, Scaffolders oil rig worker, Radio Operator, Rig Safety & Training Co-ordinator (in some times handled by Medic oil rig worker), Mud Engineer, Materials Person, Painter, Motor Man and Electrician. The salary for these oil rig jobs no experience range from 47,000 U.S. dollars to 80,000 U.S. dollars depending on the background and skills, which might be required.

Deck Crew Oil Rig Jobs No Experience

Here are the follow options, apart of a deck crew oil rig jobs no experience on drilling rig:
  • Maintenance Roustabout oil rig worker - he is accountable for general deck maintenance on the drilling rig, cleaning and painting. Salary - 47,000 U.S. dollars.
  • Maintenance Foreman - oversees Maintenance Roustabouts. Salary - 59,000 U.S. dollars.
  • Roustabout oil rig worker - he guides the crane, which moves equipment and materials about the drilling rig and is accountable for keeping the pipe deck and the main deck clean and orderly. Salary - 54,500 U.S. dollars.
  • Assistant Crane Operator oil rig worker - he is generally an oil rig worker that has been promoted from Roustabout and has become qualified to operate the crane on the drilling rig. Salary - 59,000 U.S. dollars.
  • Crane operator - he operates the crane and supervises assistants and Roustabouts on the drilling rig. Salary - 69,500 U.S. dollars.

Drill Crew Oil Rig Jobs No Experience

The Roughneck oil rig worker is likely one of the most popular offshore oil rig jobs no experience. A Roughneck oil rig responsibilities as part of a team of 3 other roughneck oil rig workers who operate the machinery and equipment needed by the driller on the drilling rig platform. Roughneck works in the mud process room whenever drilling process is taking place and is accountable for mud weight measurements and the proper functioning of the machines on the drilling rig. The Derrickman, who gets a salary of 65,000 U.S. dollars makes sure the mud pumps are operating efficiently and assists the Roughnecks oil rig workers.

The Driller oil rig worker who gets 86,000 U.S. dollars is likely one of the most important offshore oil rig jobs no experience as he is accountable for the actually drilling process. He is in charge of everything, which takes place on the drilling rig floor and above it. The driller operates the drill process, which drills the hole to find the oil. He has an Assistant Driller oil rig worker who gets a salary of 74,500 U.S. dollars.

Beyond the oil rig jobs no experience required to operate the deck and the drill, there are a whole hosts of offshore oil rig jobs options, which keep the drilling rig in full operation. They include such positions as Catering who gets from 45,000 to 63,000 U.S. dollars that is the staff, which keeps all the oil rig workers fed from day to day. Then there is the Barge Engineer oil rig worker, the Control Room Operator and the Assistant CRO who makes sure the drilling rig is staying afloat properly and get a salary from 59,000 to 89,000 U.S. dollars.

A personnel of electricians on the drilling rig that get salary from 65,000 to 87,000 U.S. dollars is available to handle the repair and maintenance of anything electrical aboard the drilling rig platform. There are a few people that oversee the management on the drilling rig platform and get the awesome number from 108,000 to 160,000 U.S. dollars of the drilling rig and are usually the people that have worked their way up through the ranks. A personnel of mechanics with salary from 57,000 to 87,000 U.S. dollars handles the repair and maintenance of anything mechanical, including the diesel generators of the drilling rig platform.

This detailed overview of the offshore oil rig jobs market is giving you a glance of the oil rig job vacancies, which are available on the drilling rigs and how much they get.

No experience for offshore oil rig job - fields of work

Unlike the finance and IT, offshore oil rig jobs, will be popular this coming decade. It's known that some of the offshore oil rig companies say that they're idling their offshore oil rigs and laying off offshore oil rig workers, but it's offset by other oil rig companies, which are currently hiring offshore drilling workers to their new offshore oil rigs. 
Is there any difference between these offshore oil rig companies? On one side, a lot of the offshore oil rig companies announcing lay-offs are publicly-listed companies - and they announce lay-offs is a classic technique to keep their share prices from sinking too much. On the other side privately-held offshore oil rig companies, use recessions as a good chance to leap-frog ahead of their offshore oil rig competition. That's the kind of a strategy that conservative investors like Warren Buffet usually use to make themselves billionaires (which is some kind of a skill). That's why there are still offshore oil rig jobs, which are available, if you only know where to search for.
When is a word about the offshore oil and gas industry, we may divide it into 3 different fields:
Upstream - which is exploring and drilling for oil
Midstream - refine and transport the oil
Downstream - sell and distribute the oil
The biggest need for skilled offshore oil rig workers in the Upstream field. According to the information from the April meeting of the American Association of Petroleum Geologists, graduate students (with Masters degrees and PhD degrees) were being hired with salaries starting from 80,000 US dollars to 110,000 US dollars. The great question is why? Because a lot of the offshore oil fields today are growing old and production is past its peak. Offshore oil rig companies need to find new oil fields fast, and they need younger geologists in order to replace their retiring geologists, many of whom were hired in the 1970s. In the long run, demand for offshore oil geologists with the training to prospectfor oil is going to remain high - after all, out of 20,000 geology undergraduates, only 2,800 pass their Bachelors degree at the end of 4 years of study. Given this report by the American Geological Institute, it is still worth while to study Geology in university if you have the brains for it.
If you're less academically inclined and you would like a more rugged lifestyle, you could want to start out as a roustabout offshore oil rig worker. That's a good time for disadvantaged youths and an offshore oil rig job with no experience - the U.S. Department of Labor has a JobCorp program where they work with colleges and industry in order to secure relevant offshore oil rig job training. Officially, a roustabout oil rig worker is a laborer - but who cares? You are able to earn up to 45,000 US dollars a year, working just 6 months every year. With 2 decades offshore oil rig job experience, your salary goes up to 55,000 US dollars. Comparethis to a construction laborers salary is 24,000 US dollars.
Another good choice is to get in with a trade or craft on the offshore oil rigs. An oil rig welder with the relevant certifications is able to make up to 62,000 US dollars a year. An offshore oil rig also needs mechanics, electricians, cooks and nurses, so these are also good qualifications to earn as offshore oil rig workers. The great advantage of these support oil rig job vacations is that you are able to take your skills elsewhere if the offshore drilling oil industry ever goes into a real slump.
There are a lot of entry-level offshore oil rig jobs that don't need a degree to get the oil rig job. You might get in as a roustabout or a tradesman like an electrician or mechanic on the offshore oil rigs.

You want to find a well paid offshore oil rig job?

Due in part to oil prices shooting up from 80 dollars per barrel to 100-130 dollars and above, offshore oil rig jobs are hot right now. Lots of oil rig job seekers are applying for offshore oil rig jobs and competing with you for an offshore oil rig job with no experience. You have to do everything your competition for the offshore oil rig job do, if you want to beat them. Here are three tips for you to do, above and beyond what everyone else commonly does in order to get an offshore oil rig job /with no experience/:
1) You have to search for oil rig job vacancies where most of your rivals fail to see. This is what most offshore oil rig job seekers do: They usually search at the web-sites of the major oil rig companies, search on the online job boards like Monster and they look at national and local newspaper advertisements for the oil rig job. However, a slowly growing number of oil rig job seekers are also searching for jobs through the internet. They are patiently searching Google, Yahoo and MSN - using phrases like "offshore oil rig jobs"; and "oil drilling companies". These canny oil rig job hunters are searching for oil rig job openings that have not been publicly advertised yet. Oil rig jobs that have just become available but are still slowly making their labyrinthine way through the depths of Human Resources. Fortunately, you are not only able to search for offshore oil rig jobs in the internet but you can also find oil company information at the stock market, for example. The Wilshire index lists the largest 5000 companies in the United States. Some of them are certainly oil rig companies.
2) Try with doing some detective work - find another way past HR. Don't instantly and blindly send out your offshore oil rig job application. You must do what the best salesmen and stock brokers do to scout out their best deals: just find the address of the offshore oil rig company and stake it out. Where do their oil rig workers eat? Why not making a friendship with them? The aim is not getting the job through a praise. The aim is to find out how things really are in the the oil rig company. Who are the decision makers? What are they like? You don't need to stalk the boss of the offshore oil rig company you want to apply for, but maybe you may make some useful contacts that would be willing to recommend you, letting you bypass some of the bureaucratic bullshit. They do you a favour, you do them a favour. After all, it is common practice for many offshore oil rig companies in hot sectors give their workers headhunting bonuses for finding new oil rig workers.
3) You must get all your paperwork done ahead of time. All the offshore oil rigs are covered under maritime law. You should first make sure you have some basic understanding of how this affects you. Furthermore, there usually are a lot of certifications required before you are allowed to work on the offshore oil rig. Depending on where the oil rig platform is, you could need some specialized 1st aid certifications (for instance, Canada has state-specific 1st aid licenses you have to pass). Some offshore oil rig jobs also need you to have an Offshore Survival Certificate and likely, a Helicopter Underwater Escape Training (HUET) Certificate along with it. And you don't have to forget your vaccinations. Some websites make this a requirement. Basically, find out if you have to meet all these extra requirements. Try to achieve them before you send off your offshore oil rig job application. Or at the very least, get started on any required courses, and clearly mention that in your job application (as well as both your cover letter and resume).

Getting hired for offshore oil rig jobs is all about speed. How quickly you may short-circuit the usual oil rig job hunting and recruitment process? That is how quickly you are going to get yourself on board an offshore oil rig.

Offshore oil rig jobs in Australia - Latest Oil Rig Jobs

Many of the offshore oil rig job workers are being required to hold certain certification in order to gain an offshore oil rig job in the area of Australia. Such certificate for work in the offshore oil rig job industry is the first aid certificate. If you meet these requirements, then you may start searching for a suitable position on the offshore oil rigs. For unskilled oil rig workers, most look to gain a position as a roustabout on the offshore oil rig platform, which is the lowest level for new in the oil rig industry. A roustabout is the industry term for a general oil rig worker. For skilled oil rig job workers, there are a lot of positions in a number of different departments that an offshore oil rig requires. Some skilled oil rig job positions, which skilled workers could be interested in applying include such oil rig job positions as drillers, electricians, mechanics, cooks and engineering positions.
Once someone has provided Australia offshore oil rig jobs, most of the offshore oil rig workers are flown to and from the oil rig by a helicopter. Many of the oil rig workers are employed on a roster, which is going to vary depending on what company you gain employment with. Most of the oil rig companies realise that workers families commitment and ensure', which the rosters reflect this. There are included two weeks on and one week off or fourteen days off on some rosters. Whilst working on the offshore oil rig, you are going to be required to both work and live in close confines to other oil rig workers. You must able to get along well with other oil rig workers.
You must all have a really good attitude to safety due to the very dangerous work on the Australia offshore oil rigs. On arrival to the offshore oil rig, you are going to be secured with a safety induction to ensure that you know what to do in an emergency situation. The offshore oil rig also employs fire-fighters and medical personnel in case of an emergency, furthermore all offshore oil rig workers are trained in this area also.
While you work on the offshore oil rig, your living requirements such as accommodation, food and laundry are going to be catered for. The food, which is provided to offshore oil rig workers is usually of high quality and is available at number of different times during the day and night. The offshore oil rigs also provide other facilities for their oil rig employees, such as satellite telephones to keep in contact with their families and they can also provide facilities such as pool tables for entertainment when not required for work on the offshore oil rigs.
During your time on the offshore oil rig platforms in Australia, most of the oil rig workers are required to work twelve hour shifts. Most workers are also required to work both day and night shifts so you need to be able to work night shifts, as well. Once when oil rig workers have finished their shifts, they could be classed as on-call and must go to the offshore oil rig floor if there services are required. Once a worker has finished  their roster, they are then flown from the offshore oil rig in a helicopter.
Holding Australia offshore oil rig jobs is not for the faint-hearted. You're required to work long hours in often difficult conditions. However you are rewarded with a good income and great comradeship amongst fellow offshore oil rig workers.
If you feel that this is the industry for you. It's important to obtain the right advice to ensure that you meet all the requirements for gaining employment on an Australian offshore oil rig. It is also important to obtain good and honest career advice about working in the oil industry that is specific to you - Australian offshore oil rig jobs..