Oil Rig Companies Offshore

┬áThere are more than 5000 oil rig and gas platform companies all over the world. One of the best ways for getting an oil rig job is using an online service, which is able to send your CV to most of the biggest oil rig companies in the drilling industry. The companies in the oil rig industry may be situated in many divers places throughout the world.There are oil regions in North America, Australia, Nigeria, Venezuela, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and UAE. The daily salary, which may be expected at one of those oil rig companies could be from 300 US dollars at starting rate to 600 US dollars for more skilled and experienced oil rig platform workers. Some of the oil projects, currently in progress are the Diana or Hoover fields, which are underway in the Gulf of Mexico organized by the oil company Exxon. These wells have a good flow of 4,800 barrels per day as a maximum record.Another good example of an oil rig company in the drilling industry is the North Slope Operations in Alaska by the oil rig company BP. This drilling field is the largest in the oil industry in North America and is generating 3% of all the oil consumed in America. located in Prudhoe Bay, this oil field is spread over a region of 150,000 acres. Terra Nova is an oil company with an oil field located in Newfoundland’s and is evaluated to produce 370 million barrels. Every year on average 115,000 barrels is generated over 6 years.Another big company in the oil and gas drilling industry is Herbernia and started in November 1997. This oil field may make 135,000 and up to 150,000 barrels over the course of a year.
The Offshore Oil Rig Industry
Offshore Oil Rig