Oil Rig Companies

The list of oil rig companies may include thousands of names. The list of Offshore Oil Rig Companies alone consists of more than 5,000 companies worldwide. The oil and gas companies operate in many regions, with numerous fields of operation in each one.

The list of biggest big oil rig companies naturally starts with British Petrolium (BP), Shell, Exxon-Mobile, Chevron, Halliburton, Baker Hughes, Cenergy, BHP Billiton, Bechtel, SGF GlobalWeatherford, Terra Nova, Gazprom. The list of their operational regions and fields is growing fast with the increasing oil and gas prices.

The Oil Rig Drilling Regions

The biggest Oil Drilling regions in the world are in the Middle East (Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, UAE), Africa (Nigeria, Egypt, South Africa, Ghana), Asia (Russia, Kazakhstan, Turkey, India, China, Malaysia), South America (Venezuela, Brazil, Argentina, Ecuador),Europe (UK, Romania, Ukraine, Norway, Netherlands), Australia New Zealand, and of course, North America (USA, Canada, Mexico). The Gulf of Mexico is a new prospering oil drilling region, though currently in progress, with two main fields.
The largest oil drilling field in North America is the Alaska’s North Slope Operations, generationg about 3% of all the consumed in America oil.
A Concise List of Major Offshore Drilling Rig Companies (alphabetically ordered, D. is for Drilling). There are also numerous smaller oil and gas drilling companies, working as contractors, and renting their services to bigger companies, or directly to the largest corporations.
China Oilfield Services,
Geoservices, GlobalSantaFe, Global Marine D
Offshore Oil Rig