Gas and Oil Industry Suffers from Lack of Skilled Professionals: DNV GL’s Research

Senior gas and oil rig companies in the industry have revealed in a report that a deficit for skilled gas and oil rig job workers is going to be the biggest obstacle to the business growth this year. Here is an extract of the “Chanlenging Climates” report released by DNV GL:
Decreasing number of gas and oil rig professionals has topped the offshore oil rig job leaders’ list of professional concerns for a 2nd year. This trend is unprecedentedly increasing gas and oil rig job salaries in some areas. According to the report, daily rate, which respondents involved in the research of DNV are willing to pay around $1,000 to individual gas and offshore oil rig job workers in technical areas in the industry that have a particular expertise shortage.The Climate Challanges report for the condition of gas and oil rig jobs industry of DNV GL is an annual litmus test for the gas and oil industry sentiment for 2014. The report is based on a survey of over 430 offshore gas and oil companies and in-dept made interviews of over 20 oil and gas companies’ executives.Challenging Climate report key findings:

  • The general view between gas and oil rig job professionals for 2014 looks confident: almost 88 per cent of the gas and oil rig professionals are seeing the industry outlook optimistically for Gas and Oil Industry2014. About 47 per cent of respondents think that lack of skilled professionals will be to biggest barrier to gas and oil rig industry growth. It was also the biggest problem in 2013, as well.
  • In global aspect the hardest gas and oil vacancies according to the report will be project managers (about 38 per cent), most in demand in Asia Pacific (about 42 per cent) where are positioned many of the biggest projects in world. Offshore gas and oil engineers like technical, marine, piping or operation oil rig job engineers are also in demand (24 per cent) as well as risk and safety engineers (16 per cent). Shortages of skilled professionals in the gas and oil industry are most acute in North America (59 per cent) with increase of gas and shale oil production there are the changing of the projects.

“The gas and oil rig industry is moving into challenging environments that needs skilled professionals to secure solutions, but so far, there are lots of gas and oil rig companies in this industry that still suffer from shortage of skilled workers. By one side, this shortage is well come for gas and oil rig workers because this need is driving the salaries up. However, technology can’t completely perform the functions of the human intervention and may go some way to plugging the gap,” stated DNV GL’s CEO, Elisabeth Torstad.

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