Oil Rig Pumper

A team is appointed to assemble the rig and to respectively tear equipment down. Monitoring operations are usually carried out via the use of a computer control panel, and the pumper is responsible for watching if the oil, or extracted material in question, is being pumped at the desired pressure, rate and density.

Any potential pipe blockages are to be identified and subsequently repaired in a quick fashion. Route equipment maintenance procedures are also among the list of job responsibilities.
This occupation can pose a high level of danger due to workers having to handle sensitive materials.

An offshore pumper is responsible for:

  • Operating the oil production and injection Oil Rig Pumper at workequipment in compliance with standard operating regulations
  • Reporting and interpreting metrics like gas and oil volume pressure within the particular well
  • Adjusting machine settings in order to carry out tasks in an accurate and timely manner and in
    accordance with specifications
  • All pumping operation aspects such as assembling the pumps and attaching the hoes to the wellheads, as well as starting the compressor, operating the said pumps and monitoring flow levels

Job Requirements:

  • One must have a high school diploma or an equivalent as well as none-to-2-years of experience in the oil industry
  • One must be familiar with typical industry practice, concepts and procedures
  • One must be able to rely on limited experience and judgment for planning and accomplishing goals
  • One must be able to complete paperwork like daily reports and communicate with supervisors
  • One must be able to carry out all work-related procedures in full accordance with the appointed safety regulations
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