No Need of Experience for Oil Rig Jobs

In the past days it was believed to be impossible to get an oil rig job, but those days are already gone. Oil and gas jobs are up for grabs, and you do not need experience to find one.
Those people that work on oil rigs are affectionately known as a “rousty” by their peers, and even when starting a new job on the oil rigs with no previous experience, it does not take long to move up the food chain.
To those people, who have previously sought “roughneck” positions on oil rig platforms, the largest hurdle is usually to find out where the oil rig roles exist in the first place.
It looks like the best way to find out is to undergo some oil rig training, and we are not talking about a university course here, but an online training program that you might complete in a very short time.
Very often, online training organizations have contacts with the oil rig companies which offer up the otherwise hard to find jobs on oil rigs which are on the market.offshore-oil-rig-job
When you finish your training course, you are often going to be provided with a list of potential employers to contact for upcoming positions, or that might already have positions accessible which are not otherwise advertised in the mainstream.
Those who take up oil rig jobs will have to be ready to do some time away from home, as oil rigs are situated in remote regions or even in the middle of the ocean (also known as offshore oil rig jobs), but there is little doubt that oil rigger jobs are so highly sought-after for 1 major reason – they pay extremely good salaries.
A typical “rousty” would expect to earn about 68,000 dollars for just six months work per year – half a year of work, half a year of play appeal to you? Now you know why so many punters are looking for a job on an oil rig as their next career move!
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