Oil Rig Job with No Experience – How to Get Started?

Oil Rig Job with No Experience
For those people who are searching for jobs offshore but have no oil rig experience, it might be very difficult to know where to start. However, it’s not as difficult as most people think. Finding and getting the job on oil rig platform isn’t particularly complex. It just takes time and effort. Where the real problem lies is in keeping the oil rig job once you get it. There’s a good reason why offshore drilling companies are always hiring workers for their offshore oil platforms – the work is really really tough and many people find they can not take the hardship. So how does a person looking for an oil rig job get it with no experience? If you really haven’t absolutely any experience – never worked at sea, offshore, never worked in construction, never worked on a land oil rig platform – you might only start at the bottom. A slow, steady and sure way is to prepare yourself by spending 1 year or 2 on each of the jobs mentioned above. It will earn you relevant experience and it toughens you up for a real job offshore on an oil rig with no experience.Of course, you might prefer the less certain way of trying for roustabout jobs positions on oil wells in shallow waters near shore. In the Gulf states where there is a lot of offshore oil drilling platforms, there are offshore oil rigs that operate near land. Such oil rig companies sometimes hire temporary workers on day rates during periods of high activity. All that the oil service employer needs from such temp oil workers is a strong back, the skill to follow instructions and the ability to swim so that they do not drown if they fall off the boat transporting them. In lots of the cases, the employer draws these workers from the state unemployment office. It is a good way to gain much needed job experience on an offshore oil rig well and can get you much needed contacts for more permanent employment.Roustabout oil rig jobs on land secure a distinct experience from oil rig roustabout jobs offshore. Land-based oil rigs are generally smaller operations than offshore oil rig platforms. Nevertheless, there’re still lots of features in common among the 2, and getting experience on an oil rig well on dry land might secure valuable skills when working offshore. If you inset it with job experience on a trawler vessel or Navy or Coast Guard seafarer, you are going to have a much better chance of getting hired for entry level rig job platforms compared to someone who just graduated from high school.Yet another good alternative is to gain some kind of good skill which might be shifted to an offshore oil rig platform. One such example is scaffolding. In a construction yard, the basic rate per hour is from US$4 to US$7, and you must work twelve hours or even more. Take this skill to an offshore oil rig platform and you might expect to earn somewhere around US$55,000 for a year. If you have a head for heights and are willing to slave away for 1 year or 2 to get the needed job experience on oil rig platform, it might be a good option.
Trade abilities are also another path on to get an oil rig job. There are posts for welders, electricians and mechanics onboard an offshore oil platforms. It will help if you’ve worked on a land rig platform before, but actual offshore experience is often not necessary. You might make from US$55,000 to US$60,000 for one year and this is about double than the wages on land. However, one disadvantage of such jobs is that career promotion prospects are very limited. A common roustabout might work his way up the ladder to roughneck, derreck hand, assistant driller and driller. An experienced driller on a deep water oil rig platform might expect to make US$100,000 for one year or even more. On the other hand, trade skills tend to be easier to transfer among land and sea, so it all evens out.There are lots of paths to offshore oil rig jobs with no experience. What is important is your determination and for you to keep an open mind when search for oil rig job with no experience.
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