Oil Rig Job Vacancies

The great number of Offshore Oil Rig Job Vacancies in the Oil Gas Industry each month offer great ooportunities for employment. The number of Oil Rig Drilling Job Vacancies is increasing almost proportionally with the rising prices of the product. The Offshore Oil Drilling Rig activity is increasing each year as well, offering a good trend for plenty of entry level jobs.

The Oil Rig Jobs, though offering an alluring income and great benefits, is hard work, at usually bad weather, and additionaly could be also dangerous. Most of the machinery is heavy, and your work place is sutuated on a floating platform, miles away from any land. Add to this working all week long (7 day shifts - a week on site, and the next one on shore break).

The Oil Rig Job Vacancies are mainly for roughneck and roustabout jobs. The Oil Rig Job pays are actually for 6 months work - the rest of the time is in on-shore breaks. And the entry level salaries start from around $45,000. Those types of Oil Rig Jobs are commonly for newcommers, and pertain mostly to the tasks of equipment cleaning and painting, and removing the rust from the salt water. A good part of the Oil Rig Vacancies also include crane operators, catering, shifr supervisors.

The Oil Rig Drilling Job salary depends on company and location, but the min day-wage is $300. Add to this that you won't pay any money for food, lodging clothing, laundry, and the company generally covers the airfare, even from distant regions. This is a good money, and most of the oil rig workers save a lot of it in a few years to serve them as a ground base for other careers, or even private bussinesses.

The Offshore Oil Rig Job Vacancies are a perfect option for you to explore a new level of expeiences - the tough work brings both excitment and rewards, and the risk and danger are only for the best of men. The USA Oil Rig Job Vacancies in Texas and Louisina on the Gulf coast are the best options for domestic positions, and the international choices are countless for oil rig jobs.